Stamped Concrete

​Concrete is a wonderfully versatile material with a lot of practical properties that make it suitable for pretty much any setting – but it arguably isn’t appreciated by people nearly as much as it should be. At Cypress Cement Company, we are big fans of this material, and of stamped concrete in particular. This provision does an excellent job of dispelling the idea that concrete is always plain or can’t have any flair to it. Our concrete contractors have provided stamped concrete services to our customers in the Cypress, Texas area for a long time, and we’re happy to report that our customers are consistently delighted with the quality of the results we deliver. Read on below for more information on stamped concrete, and why it might be the right choice for you.

Understanding Stamped Concrete

The significant difference between traditional concrete and stamped concrete is in the way that it is patterned, textured and embossed to create a different look. This different aesthetic might be an attempt to replicate a different material, like brick or slate, or it could be a pattern unrelated to any other material. You get a huge amount of variability with stamped concrete, so in many ways, you’re really only limited by your imagination. We’ve produced all sorts of different aesthetics for our customers over the years – using it in various different settings.

Explaining the Process

We’re veterans of applying stamped concrete in driveways and other areas of your property, and we have our process refined in such a way that it runs like a well oiled machine. In basic terms, the process involves pouring the concrete, adding the primary color, applying the color release agents, laying down the texturizing mats, and washing the release agent off after leaving it to dry. At that point, we’ll apply a clear epoxy seal to give it a long lasting durability that comes with all of our services. Typically speaking, the surface can be used by foot traffic after a couple of days, and vehicle traffic will need to wait about a week.

Versatile Looks

While regular concrete remains an excellent choice for a number of applications, few surface materials can match up to the flexible aesthetic properties that you’ll get if you choose stamped concrete. This makes it a fine choice if you’re looking to replicate a different material’s aesthetic (whilst retaining the practical benefits of concrete) or if you’d prefer something more left field. Of course, if you’d like a particular material’s visual look, you’ll still have control over the specific color that it’ll be, so there are near endless permutations once you get into the details.

Flexible Suitability

Stamped concrete is a great choice for many different areas of your property, and you’d be surprised at how affordable and value packed this service is. We routinely deliver stamped concrete patio and driveway services across the Cypress area, and our customers all give positive feedback on the aesthetic and practical quality of our provisions. This is a wonderful option because it balances pragmatic and superficial requirements so well.



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