At Cypress Cement Company in Cypress, Texas, we offer concrete stain application services to industrial and commercial clients. We can offer this concrete staining service after the floors have been polished and grinded to create embellishments and add an attractive finish look to any concrete floor. The concrete stains are available to offer a variety of different finishes, and our installers can use a combination of stains to create your desired appearance.

The use of concrete stains on polished concrete floors will give the floors the look of marble or stone at a fraction of the cost. For more information about our concrete stain application services, please contact the flooring experts at Cypress Cement Company.

Benefits of Stained Concrete

Concrete staining is an excellent method to improve your concrete indoor floors. With the ability to be applied on new or old concrete, the stain will create a professional and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere to any space. By allowing a variety of custom finishes, stained floors can achieve almost any aspect while providing a durable and economical solution.

In general, we can apply our concrete staining products to new or old concrete flooring. The process of applying concrete stains will give the floors a professional and aesthetically attractive appearance. Due to the many advantages of polishing and staining concrete, they have become a popular floor solution for several situations.

Take a look at these six benefits of stained concrete, and then contact us when you need concrete in Cypress, TX.

1. Versatility.

When you think about concrete, you probably think about walkways or plain gray patios. But the stained concrete allows you to add beautiful surfaces to indoor spaces as well. Many commercial and residential customers have created unique floors for their buildings and homes using a combination of patterns, colors, and even graphics.

2. Durability

Concrete staining penetrates deeply into the surface, creating durable, long-lasting floors. These floors will not peel, fade, chip or wear out in any way. Sealed with an epoxy topcoat, the product is well preserved.

3. Low maintenance.

You want your floor surfaces to look great, but you want to be able to enjoy them. This cannot happen if you have to spend hours cleaning it or resealing it. If you choose stained concrete for an indoor floor, you will only need a mop or a broom to keep it as new. And there’s another advantage: concrete floors don’t have to be stripped and refinished like wood floors.

4. It’s strong.

The stain that we apply to our concrete is water-resistant and will not fade from sunlight. Concrete itself is much superior to other flooring materials. Unlike wood, it would not wear or rot. There are no planks or boards to loosen or warp. You can create a beautiful floor inside your house or a unique patio or deck outside.

5. Saves energy.

If you use stained concrete floors inside your house, you can expect to see great savings in your energy bill. You see, the applied stain prevents the concrete from absorbing and releasing the cold and hot air as unsealed concrete does outdoors.

6. Elegance and Beauty

With its ability to transform any area, concrete staining can create a variety of aspects. The results of this product have the ability to reflect the look of marbled floors, leather or any custom pattern to suit your style. These floors can renovate any ordinary concrete slab in a luxurious and magnificent space.

Concrete Stain Uses

Concrete staining is an attractive and long-term solution as a hard-wearing flooring surface in commercial and industrial applications. This floor is extremely durable and can transform any concrete floor into an attractive and low maintained surface. The concrete stain is available in a variety of colors and patterns to meet any style or taste. Here are some of the main applications and uses of our concrete stain products.

• Factory Flooring

• Warehouse Flooring

• Laboratory Flooring

• School and University Flooring

• Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Flooring

• Commercial Kitchen and Restaurant Flooring

• Retail Store, Mall, and Shopping Center Flooring

• Manufacturing Plant Flooring

• Distribution Plant Flooring

• Aircraft Hangar Flooring

• Showroom Flooring

• Outdoor Spaces Including Patios and Pool Decks

Acid vs. Water-Based Staining

Acid: This method reacts and penetrates chemically with existing concrete creating variations of natural color. This adds unique character and effects that appear like granite or marble. The selection of colors for acid staining is generally composed of earth tones and is commonly used in outdoor settings.

Water: If you are looking for more of a colorful and bold effect, which goes from a spectrum of hues, water-based staining can expand your options.

Our Concrete Stain Application Services

At Cypress Cement Company in Cypress, Texas, our professionals have experience in the application process of concrete stains. This process starts with eaning and preparing the concrete using special cleaning agents and concrete grinding or shot blasting when necessary. Then, a mixture of acid, metallic salts, and other materials is then applied to the surface of the floor. This creates a chemical reaction that changes the color and composition of the concrete. Our professionals can use a combination of products for concrete stains to create your desired look or pattern.

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Concrete work can really transform the exterior of your house. You can already have an idea in mind or are looking for professional advice on the features to add. In both cases, you need an experienced concrete contractor that can combine the technical aspects of this material with the artistic features available. Cypress Cement Company’s concrete contractors can do both.

Our team has decades of experience serving Cypress, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Our services include concrete driveways, concrete sidewalks, concrete staining, and stamped concrete for commercial and residential applications.

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