Epoxy Countertops

​The practical and visual benefits of epoxy are substantial in all sorts of settings, and while you might typically think of driveways or patios for this sealant, countertops also stand to gain a lot from a coat of epoxy. At Cypress Cement Company, we’re well versed in delivering epoxy countertops in kitchens, bathrooms, and garages in homes – as well as in commercial settings – and we consistently achieve a high class finish that will surely make you proud of your property. If you’re considering an epoxy coating for any of your countertops, you won’t find a better company to carry out the service for you. Read on below or reach out to our customer service team if you’d like further information on epoxy countertops.

Practical Benefits

As with all the other situations where epoxy is used, epoxy countertops have a set of practical advantages that are unmatched by any other countertop material. Epoxy countertops are highly shock resistant – meaning that if you drop a heavy item on the surface, it won’t shatter or crack. They’re also incredibly heat resistant, which can be a big concern in kitchens where flames and hot pans are dotted about. Epoxy doesn’t stain easily either, and you won’t need to worry about chemicals or other liquid substances affecting the surface – epoxy takes these pressures in its stride too. You won’t find a more versatile and robust surface for your countertops than epoxy – 100% guaranteed.

Easy Maintenance

When you’re trying to run a household or a business, you need things to go smoothly – the last thing that you want is having to waste your time dealing with petty jobs that shouldn’t need much effort, but which can actually take up a lot of your time. Epoxy countertops are ideal in this regard, as they’re very low maintenance and easily cleaned. You won’t need to invest in regular treatments for the surface, and any danger of the countertop experiencing significant damage is minimal. Epoxy is the best in class choice in this sense – and partly explains its skyrocketing popularity over the last few years.

Application Versatility

One of the significant advantages of epoxy resin is that it can be applied to all sorts of surface materials. Ceramic, wood, metal, and concrete countertops can all be treated with an epoxy coating, and will stand to gain a lot of practical benefits in doing so. This means that you’re able to have the aesthetic look in your space that you’d prefer, whilst garnering the physical benefits that are always present with epoxy.

New or Old Countertops

Epoxy can be useful for both new or old countertops – so if you’re investing in a kitchen refurbishment, or you’re building a new kitchen altogether, this should grab your attention. You give your countertop the best chance of experiencing a long lifespan if you invest in this provision early, and existing countertops will live on for many years more without substantial deterioration if you have us apply epoxy over the surface. We’ll guarantee an attractive but practical countertop which we’re sure you’ll be happy with.



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