Epoxy Coatings

​At Cypress Cement Company, epoxy coatings are one of our bread and butter services – we’re constantly providing this service for the homes and commercial sites of the Cypress, Texas area. Epoxy coatings have an impressive number of physical qualities that ensure it has substantial utility for lots of different settings, and you won’t have to pay a prohibitively high price to get this service at your property. We have a longstanding history of providing this service, so you can feel confident that we’ll apply the coatings on whatever you need without making any mistakes or causing any damage. If you have any need for epoxy coatings whatsoever, either read on below or reach out to our customer service department.

What are Epoxy Coatings?

Perhaps you’ve heard of epoxy coatings or epoxy resin before, but you’re not sure exactly what it is – understandable for anybody not involved in the industry. An epoxy coating consists of two separate parts – an epoxy resin and a hardening agent. When these two parts are mixed together, the resulting chemical reaction cross links the elements as it cures, and once fully cured, you’ll have an incredibly strong and durable coating. The practical qualities that are achieved through this reaction make epoxy coatings a favorite for lots of industrial and commercial applications, but it can be useful in domestic settings too.

Redoubtable Toughness

One of the mechanical properties that you’ll gain when you employ the use of epoxy coating is incredible durability and long lasting toughness. You’ll find that the surface of whatever you’ve applied the coating to has become abrasion and impact resistant, and that it can easily stand up to spillages of chemicals or water. This is a very tough customer, and is perfect for industrial settings which routinely create hostile conditions for floors or surfaces.

Heat Resistance

One of the other benefits of choosing an epoxy coating is that it is highly heat resistant, and able to withstand temperatures that other materials and surfaces simply can’t live with. This makes it a great choice for your driveway – as we’re sure you’re aware, we experience very high temperatures in Cypress that can easily fracture and crack the surface of your driveway. Of course, epoxy coatings can be applied to all sorts of different materials and surfaces, so whether you’re in the midst of building a new property or extension, or you’re looking to protect an existing surface, this is a very fine choice for you.

Application Flexibility

Epoxy coatings are useful because they have such incredible mechanical and practical qualities, but they’re also great because they can be applied to all sorts of different spaces and surfaces. You can use epoxy to recoat driveways or garage floors, or you can apply epoxy to the countertops in your garage or in your home – the applications are highly variable. We’re certainly experienced when it comes to delivering this service in all sorts of settings, and our customers are always thrilled with the results that we achieve for them.



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